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High performance A&D indicators from add state-of-the-art convenience and efficiency to industrial weighing configurations. With lots of memory and excellent display resolution, the 4322 series, 4323 series and 4325 series indicators offer a variety of different features to suit a variety of industrial scales, including bench scales, floor scales, checkweighing scales and weigh-in/out systems.

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AnD 4322 Series Indicator

The AD-4322 MKII offers a wide range of advanced functions.


  • 1 model available
  • Dual Display
  • M+/M-/Total Function
  • Full Digital Calibration
  • Clearly marked Annunciators
  • Code Memory, ID/Tare Function
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AnD 4323 Series Indicator

The AD-4323 is a compact, high performance digital weighing indicator


  • 1 model available
  • RFI/EMI Screened
  • Batching Control
  • Batch Weighing Mode
  • Check Weighing Mode
  • Multi-Function Comparator
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AnD 4325 Series Indicator

The AD-4325A/V indicators provide state-of-the-art weighing and batch control


  • 1 model available
  • Gravity Compensation
  • Full Digital Calibration
  • Fully Automatic Batching Mode
  • Display Resolution 1/10000
  • Optional BCD, RS-232C Interface
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