AnD AD-8922 Remote Controller

Model AD-8922 provides both an external weight display and remote operator controls for virtually all A&D balances and scales.  When the weighing device just isn’t enough, this economical and easy-to-install solution should be your first choice.  Sporting a clean, modern look, the AD-8922  provides a bright, blue vacuum flourescent display that is unmistakeably readable in any environment.  Data received from the weighing instrument can be also output to a PC or printer via RS232C (DIN connector).

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Model Number Capacity Readability Pan Size  
AD-8922 0 g 0 g 0 Add this Capacity to my quote


  • Compatible with A&D Series:
  • Balances: Toploader - GX, GF, GF-K, GX-K, HF/HF-G, AD-4212; Analytical - GH, HM, HR, HR-i, GR; Industrial - GP, FP; Compact - EK-i, EK-H, EW-i,EK-G, EW-G; Scales: FS, FS-KL, FG, HV-G, HW-G, HV-WP, FC-i, FC-Si
  • Bright blue vacuum florescent display
  • Interfaces to the A&D Balance/Scale RS-232C port, yet provide an extended RS-232C port for additional interface with a PC or printer.
  • Small, clean, modern design is gentle on space requirements.
  • Table or Panel Mount
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