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A&D world class products for weighing, moisture analysis and viscosity measurement.

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placeholder offers several series of A&D balances, each available in a variety of models to ensure you’re getting exactly the balance you need with the features you require and at a price you can live with.

  • Capacities on our Balances range from 6 g to 101,000 g.
  • Resolutions on our Balances range from 0.000001 g to 10 g.


placeholder carries a wide array of A&D scales built to serve a variety of functions. From compact scales to floor scales, and counting scales to shipping scales, A&D scales are at home in educational settings, industrial settings and beyond.

  • Capacities on our Scales range from 0.33 lb to 500.00 lb.
  • Resolutions on our Scales range from 0.001 g to 200 g.



High performance A&D indicators from add state-of-the-art convenience and efficiency to industrial weighing configurations.



A&D viscometers from use a newly-developed tuning-fork vibration method to ensure high accuracy and a wide measurement range. Features include easy cleaning, viscosity calibration, a standard RS-232C interface and vacuum fluorescent displays.

Moisture Analyzers


A&D moisture analyzers from offer highly accurate results and superior ease-of-use. Super hybrid sensor technology provides ultra accurate moisture content determination, while fast, uniform heating means shorter measurement time.


placeholder offers compact weighing accessories from A&D to add convenience without eating up space.

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