The FX-iWP is the first Water proof/Dust proof, 0.001 g compact precision balance more ›

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Laboratory analytical and top-loading balances

  • Capacities range from
    6 g to 101,000 g
  • Resolutions range from 0.000001 g to 10 g


A&D Scales

Floor and bench scales

  • Capacities range from
    0.33 lb to 500.00 lb
  • Resolutions range from 0.001 g to 200 g


A&D Indicators

Basic and Programmable weight indicators


  • Weight display
  • Output to PC or PLC
  • Batch Control


A&D Viscometers

Tuning Fork Viscometer

Two models

  • SV-10 from .3cP- 10,000cp
  • SV-100 from 1,000cP-100,000 cP

Moisture Analyzers

Moisture Analyzers

Loss in weight Moisture analyzers

  • Capacities range from
    51 g to 71 g
  • Resolutions from .05% to .001%
Featured Products

HR-60 60g x .1mg SpecialThe A&D Orion Analytical Balance HR-60 60g x .1mg is durable, adapts to your environment, and provide great flexibility and resolution.

A&D HC-i Series Counting Scale SpecialA&D HC-i Series Counting Scale 6, 15, 30 or 60lb are simple and easy to operate high performance counting scales.

5 Year Warranty on Balances

Real Life ApplicationsOur balances come with a five-year warranty! Find out more about our warranties.

Flat Rate Repair

Featured ProductsOur low cost flat rate repair reduces ownership cost.

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